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6 Ways to Recycle Old Fence Boards

If you’re getting a new fence, there is always a small problem that comes with it: what are you going to do with the old one? Surely there is nothing you can do with those old rickety fence boards, right? Wrong. There are plenty of fun and innovative ways in which you can recycle old fence boards, from decorations to DIY crafts, so don’t your take your old fence boards to the tip!

To convince you further, the team at Barnard Fencing are going offer ten things that you can do with old fence boards.

Rustic coffee table

Is your living room looking a little bare? If so, why not make a coffee table? Luckily, the simplicity of fence boards lend themselves to an equally simple design, but this doesn’t have to mean boring. The age of the fence boards should afford the table a decidedly rustic feel.

A wooden clock

Similarly, if you need to fill some space up on your wall, why not create a wooden clock? With your old fence posts you can create a large frame, and then the design possibilities are endless!

A picket fence wall

If you would like to give your bathroom a more natural feel, then you could use your old fence boards to decorate your bathroom wall. How you treat the wood will depend on the look you want to achieve in the end, but varnish could make it pop.

A towel rack

Something else for your bathroom: a new towel rack! For this, depending on what your old fence looks like, you could use a whole section of picket fence and simply attach bars to the horizontal boards. This will create a particularly jaunty piece of bathroom furnishing.

A coat rack

Continuing in a similar vein, if you would like something a little smaller for your home, a coat rack could work. For this, it might be worth cutting the boards and reshaping them in a way that suits you, rather using a whole section. Once that’s done, all you need is a selection of coat hooks and you’re sorted.

Seasonal decorations

Thanks to their basic construction, old fence boards are the perfect material for seasonal decorations for your home. For example, why not create some cedar fence board Christmas trees? Or, for something a little more seasonally appropriate, individual fence posts make excellent canvases for zany halloween characters!


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