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Garden Fence FAQs

Last month, we wrote an article arming you with knowledge for the following age-old dispute: who gets the good side of the fence? Since that article only covered one popular question in detail, this month, we thought it fitting to cover a range of questions. From painting to planning permission, this article will answer all of your burning questions.

How high can a garden fence be?

Although this can be circumstantial, you will generally need planning permission if the fence in question is higher than two metres, or as low as one metre if the fence is to be built by the side of the road. If your fence exceeds either of these heights by accident, don’t worry: you can always apply for retroactive planning permission. However, it’s worth noting that this may not always be accepted.

Can I paint my garden fence?

This really depends if the fence is in fact yours or not. If you bought the fence, then go ahead – it’s all yours to paint! However, if the fence you refer to was bought by your neighbour, and you want to paint the side that faces your garden then, unfortunately, you can’t do this without permission.

This doesn’t have to be a problem though. Assuming you are not on bad terms with your neighbour, you can always knock on their door and ask them, the chances are they will be fine with it.

Do I need planning permission for a garden fence?

Apart from the height of your fence, there are other factors that may influence whether planning permission is required. However, the key factor is where the fence lies. If your fence lies inside your property’s boundary you shouldn’t have to seek planning permission.

Also, if you plan on replacing an old fence which is roughly the same height and weight, you shouldn’t have to worry about planning permission.

Do I need my neighbour’s permission for a garden fence?

As above, if the fence to be erected doesn’t exceed the height limit and is built inside your property lines, there isn’t a great deal your neighbour can do. That said, it’s always best to discuss these things with your neighbour beforehand, nipping any neighbourly disputes in the bud.

Wood or concrete fence posts?

This will ultimately come down to individual tastes and needs. Concrete fence posts tend to be sturdier than their wooden equivalents, and require less attention and maintenance too, lasting for decades if kept in good condition. Wooden fence posts, on the other hand, tend to look more stylish, especially given that concrete posts tend to look rather cold.


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