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Back Garden Privacy Ideas

Unfortunately, while we’d all like our gardens to be a secluded paradise, this is rarely the case. With houses and, by extension, gardens becoming smaller and smaller, if we want privacy, this is something we’re going to have to create ourselves. This isn’t too bad though, we just need to be creative. So, if you’re struggling for ideas, read on to find out how you can create privacy in your back garden.

Raised bedding

If you want your garden to have better view-blocking power, you should consider growing them in raised beds. Even if you mound the soil only a foot above its original height, you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much more safe you feel. A further benefit of this tip is that it puts your medium-sized plants at eye level, making them easier to enjoy.

Make a tranquil corner

If your back garden is currently on show, attempting to turn it into something completely secluded would be expensive, cumbersome and a little bit unrealistic. This doesn’t mean you have to give up, however. Instead, why not nominate a particular area of your garden – a nice corner which gets the sun, let’s say – and turn it into your own private getaway? You could do this by placing a couple of pine trees to create a little pocket, and even add a hammock for added tranquility.

Invest in a new fence

The chances are that, if you’re looking to bolster your back garden’s privacy rating in the first place, then your current fence just isn’t cutting it. Starting with your fence seems like the logical idea too, since that’s your first line of defence against your neighbour’s field of vision. To add further height, you could always decorate your fence, dressing it up with a border easy-care plants or shrubs.


If you’re happy with your current fence but want to enclose an area inside that for extra privacy, consider lattice panels. Lattice is the perfect way to create a private enclosure in a garden without closing it off too much. Even better, you can use that lattice structure to your advantage by planting climbers, giving the panels more of a dynamic look.

Don’t stick to one tactic

The best way to create privacy in your garden without making it look too dull is to utilise a number of different methods. Placing trees, hedges, ornaments and other decorative structures in properly planned arrangements will help obscure the views from your neighbours’ windows, and create something unique and interesting in the process.


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