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Garden Fence FAQs

By Barnard Fencing Team on March 29th, 2018

Last month, we wrote an article arming you with knowledge for the following age-old dispute: who gets the good side of the fence? Since that article only covered one popular question in detail, this month, we thought it fitting to cover a range of questions. From painting to planning permission, this article will answer all of your burning questions. How high can a garden fence be? Although this can be circumstantial, you will generally need planning permission if the fence in question is higher than two metres, or as low as one metre if the fence is to be built by…

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Fence Etiquette: Who Gets the Good Side of the Fence?

By Barnard Fencing Team on February 28th, 2018

If you didn’t win the neighbour lottery (and let’s face it – not many do), day-to-day home life can be a little difficult. Things can get a lot more difficult, however, when fence politics is thrown into the equation. When you purchase a new fence, unfortunately, it’s not going to look identical on both sides; one side will look clean and uniform, the other will have horizontal struts running along its length. The problem is, no matter who buys the fence, or who wanted it in the first place, someone is going to have to live with the “ugly side”. If…

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Do I Need Planning Permission for a Garden Shed?

By Barnard Fencing Team on March 29th, 2017

For a standard shed (that is less than half of the size of the garden) you will generally not need planning permission (but make sure you have a suitable space and base for your shed). In this month’s article from the team here at Barnard Fencing, we will discuss when you will need to ask for planning permission. It’s useful to keep in mind that you should not need to ask for planning permission so long as your shed be used for simple storage and gardening items. However, like all things there are exceptional circumstances which will require planning permission. Planning…

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