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How to Decorate Your Shed for Christmas

By Barnard Fencing Team on December 21st, 2018

If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance on how to get your kids in the festive spirit this year, or perhaps you simply want to try and spread some Christmas cheer around your village, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, the Barnard Fencing team will be explaining how you can turn your simple garden shed into Santa’s grotto. Clean out your shed No matter how well you decorate your shed, no matter how much effort you put into the exterior, the spell will be broken if the inside isn’t properly cleaned. It’s very unlikely that Santa would…

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Alternative Uses For Sheds

By Barnard Fencing Team on January 31st, 2018

Storing old gardening equipment is certainly one use for your  shed, but if you’re as excited about these humble outbuildings as we are, you might consider some of the following alternate uses for this part of the home which is often overlooked. Games room What better way to unwind  after a long day at work than to come home and play on your own pool table, games console or darts board? Winter is a great time of the year to create new ways of spending your time that don’t involve being outside in the cold, and a cosy shed could be…

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Types of Wood Rot: What Rot Have You Got?

By Barnard Fencing Team on July 25th, 2017

There’s a huge question mark that hangs over types of wood rot, and the question is: “what kind of rot have I got?”. It can be concerning when you find signs of wood rot, as wood that’s left untreated can be destroyed beyond the point of repair. What we want to help our customers with is how to identify these different types of rot and discuss how they can be managed to prolong the life of your fences, sheds and so on. White rot The lignin and cellulose inside the wood is perished by white rot and can turn the wood…

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Do I Need Planning Permission for a Garden Shed?

By Barnard Fencing Team on March 29th, 2017

For a standard shed (that is less than half of the size of the garden) you will generally not need planning permission (but make sure you have a suitable space and base for your shed). In this month’s article from the team here at Barnard Fencing, we will discuss when you will need to ask for planning permission. It’s useful to keep in mind that you should not need to ask for planning permission so long as your shed be used for simple storage and gardening items. However, like all things there are exceptional circumstances which will require planning permission. Planning…

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6 Brilliant Shed Storage Ideas

By Barnard Fencing Team on December 20th, 2016

Sheds can become scenes of chaos if they are not organised properly, making it difficult to find the tools and equipment you need. Instead you might find yourself climbing over a disorganised mess, or finding your possessions in a dire state due to neglect. To make your shed a more efficient and enjoyable space to use, shed organisation is vital and can transform this space from a confusing and stressful environment into an orderly and useful resource. To help, we’ve put together some quick and cost-effective shed storage tips to help you make the most of your garden shed, so take…

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Garden Shed Care: Preventing damp and removing mould

By Barnard Fencing Team on October 21st, 2016

A timber shed is a charming addition to an outdoor space, and a common feature of gardens up and down the country. However, damp and mould can be the downfall of these attractive outhouses, which can leave homeowners searching for answers to combat this problem. To help you rid yourself of these issues, we’ve put together this quick guide to how to remove mould and prevent damp in your garden shed. What causes damp? As the name suggests, damp is caused by damp conditions and is most prevalent during seasons where moisture is more common in the air – such as…

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Garden Shed FAQs

By Barnard Fencing Team on June 27th, 2016

If you’re considering buying and building a shed in your back garden, there are a few considerations you need to make before you take the plunge. To help you on the right path to choosing your own shed, the team here at Barnard Fencing have put together a rundown of some of the more frequently asked questions our team hear on a regular basis. Do I need planning permission? Generally speaking, no you won’t need planning permission for your shed as it is deemed an outbuilding. However, there are some limitations to the size and positioning of your shed; your shed…

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Improve Your Garden Shed Security

By Barnard Fencing Team on May 25th, 2016

Your shed can hold some of your more valuable possessions, whether it be bicycles, electric lawnmowers or just rather expensive tools. Thieves can target your shed as the wooden structure is much easier to gain access to than your home, and is likely to go more unnoticed than attempting to break into your house. To protect your belongings and discourage thieves from targeting your shed, we’ve got some top tips to improve your garden shed security. Securing your shed Making your shed harder to get into will prevent thefts and damages occurring. Try the following actions to make your shed more…

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Shed Base Options – Which Should You Choose?

By Barnard Fencing Team on November 25th, 2015

In last month’s article, How to Prepare for a New Shed, we walked you through the steps to prepare the ground for the arrival of a new shed, working with the assumption that you would be using a concrete base. However, concrete is not the only base material you can use – this article is dedicated to providing you with information on the available shed base options and the pros and cons of each one. Concrete A concrete shed base is highly recommended for larger garden buildings as it provides a firmer structure, but for average sized sheds, the other options…

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How to Prepare for a New Shed

By Barnard Fencing Team on October 22nd, 2015

A garden shed is a great investment for your property, enabling you to store away your possessions safely and protect them from the outside elements. However, before your shed arrives, you need to ensure that you are properly prepared for the construction. To increase the longevity of your new shed, you need to choose a suitable area of your garden and prepare the surface. Here’s Barnard Fencing’s top tips to prepare for a new shed: Choose the right site When choosing a site for your new shed, remember you will need access all around the structure, so do not choose a site…

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