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Types of Fence Panels

By Barnard Fencing Team on May 30th, 2018

If you’re looking for new fencing for your property, you’re probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of types on offer. While some are useful for security purposes, others fare better simply as decorative fencing. However, the problem is, just by looking at these fence panels, it’s not always easy to tell exactly how they operate. That’s why, this month, the Barnard Fencing team are on hand to go through the various types of fence panel in greater detail. Lattice fencing Lattice style fencing offers something that veers away from more traditional styles, and can look great in all kinds of rural…

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Ivy and Climbing Plants for Fences

By Barnard Fencing Team on February 28th, 2017

Ivy and climbing plants are sometimes given a bad name and can also be considered more of a nuisance than admired. However there are some real benefits to having, or keeping, ivy and creeping plants in your garden. Bernard Fencing are here to provide you with information about these climbing plants, so you too can enjoy the benefits they provide and the visible enhancement brought to your garden. We will be covering the commonly misconstrued ideas people have about ivy, and inform you on how to prune and control your climbing plants. Also, we will highlight how ivy can protect your…

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Which plants work best with your trellis?

By Barnard Fencing Team on August 19th, 2016

Once you’ve installed a wooden trellis in your garden it’s now time to adorn it with climber plants to bring some colour to the garden and to accent your trellis. Maybe you want to beautify it with some flowering species? Or perhaps you want to go down a more practical route and use it to grow vegetables? The vast array of options and species available can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know what option to choose. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide to which plants could work best with your trellis, providing some basic info on the most…

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