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Front garden fence ideas

It can sometimes be tricky to settle on a front garden fence, which is why we have put together a simple guide to help you find out exactly what it is you’re looking for.

The questions you will want to ask yourself are:

Do you want or need to sacrifice security for a decorative fence?

Decorative fences are ideal for lush green flower gardens. These type of fences include picket fences, decorative trellises and wooden lattices. White picket fences can enhance a garden’s colouring, provide a neat boundary and create the illusion of a deeper garden. Trellis comes in all different shapes and sizes – with or without arches – and their natural wooden material will make your home look rustic and organic. Lattice fencing is ideal for homeowners with green fingers, as it provides support for flowers as they can weave their way through the fence – a perfect way to a picturesque garden.

Decorative fences add curb appeal to all homes. If you’re looking for a fence that’ll provide a simple boundary, look nice and open up your front garden – then a decorative fence is the one for you.

Should you have a tall fence?

Depending on your stance regarding privacy – you may want a tall fence to ensure that your garden is a place where you can relax and unwind without the distraction of others. A tall fence is ideal for security and can also help to keep pets inside your garden. Although a tall fence may seem too much, you can opt for bamboo fencing. This looks wonderful and adds to the grandeur of your home, rather than looking out of place. Obviously with “tall fences” you can only go to a certain height as there are restrictions that you must take on board, ensuring that you do not block the light from neighbouring homes.

Do you go for metal railings or wooden fences?

Although some people may be turned off by the idea of metal fencing (as it’s generally associated with industrial buildings), this need not be the case. Metal fencing can be adapted to your tastes with unique patterns and elegant designs. This fencing material is durable, attractive and an ideal way to secure your home. You can even have spikes or balls placed on top of each panel to maximise safety and enhance the look of your home.

Wooden fencing is better for creating privacy, as you can have as little or as much as you require. Decide whether you want gaps between the fence panels or whether you want them to touch (i.e close board fences). Wooden fences offer a softer, more natural look to the landscaping of your home and they are often used to border floral front gardens.

Should you have a fence at all?

It completely depends where you live, those living in urban areas would lean more towards having a fence, whilst those in rural areas may not wish to have fencing at all or may prefer having a hedge. However, fencing does offer everyone visible boundaries, privacy and the chance to enhance their homes for the optimal curb appeal.

Should I style a fence?

If you’re unsure about having a fence and want your garden to be as green as it can be, you may want to invest in creeper plants. They not only grow to cover your fences, but can add to the attraction of your mystical garden. As we have previously mentioned in our articles, there are real benefits to having ivy and fence climbing plants such as the protection they provide to your walls from pollution and weathering, and not to mention the shelter they offer to wildlife.


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