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Garden Security: Top tips to keep your garden secure

Kitting out your back garden with the correct security measures will help stop an intruder from trespassing onto your property and gaining entry into your home, garage or shed. Our expert team at Barnard Fencing want to help you find the most suitable fencing/gate design which not only complements your home, but also provides superior protection for a secure living area. This guide will serve to explain our recommendations and top tips to improve your garden security.

Weak spots

The first step is to check for vulnerable points in your current fence/gate which can compromise its functionality and allow thieves to trespass in your garden, including:

  • weak lock
  • loose/missing fence panels
  • low fences

Robust fencing

Installing strong, durable fencing or gates will deter intruders from wrongly entering your premises and stealing your goods. Materials such as timber and metal are proven to stand the test of time and withstand the elements.


It’s usually advised that a 2 metre (6’6”) fence/gate installed around the perimeter of the back garden will help keep your home secure. However, most determined burglars will find a way of overcoming this obstacle and such a fence can be scaled.

Choosing a fence which is topped with trellising is not only a decorative option, it also provides extra protection as the weight of a human climbing over it will not be supported. This, in turn, increases the risk of an intruder being spotted due to the noise of the trellis breaking or the injury it causes.

Using climbing plants as fence toppers

While trellis provides an effective way of discouraging burglars, securing thorny climbing plants to the top your perimeter fencing will further enhance security measures.

It’s important to note that you must not use barbed wire or razor wire on your fence to protect your home as you could be held legally responsible for any injuries caused. That said, using plastic coated wire to train the plant along your fence will also act as a further deterrent to thieves.

Locks on gates

A strong lockable garden gate will provide a first line of defence against outside intruders attempting to break into your home. A top tip is to make sure you choose a premium quality lock which can be fitted to your gate in a place where it cannot be reached by anyone trying to get in.

While it may seem obvious advice, remember to always lock your gates so all burglary prevention measures have been taken.


Regular maintenance on all fences and gates will help keep them in top working order, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your back garden and home are secure. Thorough repairs will ensure your fence is cared for correctly and there are no weak spots where intruders can force entry.

Whether you are searching for a fence which provides high security, stylish design or both, here at Barnard Fencing we offer quality fencing supplies and first class fencing installations for all domestic and commercial customers. Our list includes:

  • continental fencing
  • garden fencing
  • trellis and lattice work
  • eco fencing
  • metal fencing
  • palisade fencing
  • fence posts

Simply contact our expert team by telephone or online today for further information.


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