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How to Decorate Your Shed for Christmas

If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance on how to get your kids in the festive spirit this year, or perhaps you simply want to try and spread some Christmas cheer around your village, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, the Barnard Fencing team will be explaining how you can turn your simple garden shed into Santa’s grotto.

Clean out your shed

No matter how well you decorate your shed, no matter how much effort you put into the exterior, the spell will be broken if the inside isn’t properly cleaned. It’s very unlikely that Santa would keep an old bag of cement and a can of WD40 lying around in his grotto, so you probably shouldn’t either.

Christmas lights!

The most Christmassy of all Christmas decorations, lights will add some real atmosphere to your grotto – and inject a little magic, too. Although we often decorate the front of our properties, inviting a bit of friendly competition from our neighbours, it’s always nice to create a lighting arrangement purely for our own benefits.

On the outside of your shed, you can drape smaller fairy lights around props such as reindeer and, to add the finishing touches, you can use larger, bolder coloured lights to decorate the front.

Fake snow

Unfortunately, we don’t tend to get much snow in the UK – well, not in December, anyway – so fake snow is the way to go. Too much fake snow can be a little obvious; you’re not trying to cover the whole garden! All you need to do is add a light dusting to the windows and the roof of the shed – that should be enough give off a wintry vibe without going overboard.

A holly wreath

Once you’ve got all the key decorations done, you need something to tie it all together, and what better way to do that than a nice holly wreath? You can either a buy a wreath from a shop, which could prove expensive, or you could use cuttings from a local holly bush and make one yourself! Complete your wreath with a gorgeous red ribbon and your grotto will instantly come together.

Santa’s chair!

Once the outside of your shed has been decorated, the inside is pretty simple. Apart from some lights, you will need to find Santa’s chair, ideally a brown leather armchair right in the centre of the room. A roaring fire would be an excellent addition, but whether you have the time or budget for such a feature is a different story!


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