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How to Enhance the Look of Your Garden Using Railway Sleepers

Getting your garden ready for spring can be difficult after a long, harsh winter. But there are many ways in which you can transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor space without the need for extensive landscaping. Railway sleepers are perfect for adding a fresh, contemporary feel to your garden, no matter what shape or size.


What are Railway Sleepers?

These are rectangular support systems that make up the bottom rails in railroad tracks, lying perpendicular to the rails themselves. But what does that have to do with gardening? Railway sleepers have been used to transform gardens for decades. The wood can be used to build garden steps, quality furniture and even raised flower beds.


Original and New Sleepers

The traditional railway sleepers are attention grabbing, with the added bonus of cost effectiveness, they’re the perfect landscaping material. Not only are they readily available, they’re also incredibly easy to install. Original reclaimed garden sleepers will be aged with a hole drilled into them. They’ll also be creosote treated, preserving the wood and ensuring a longer life span.


New garden sleepers are available in both hard and softwood, but remain untreated. The advantage of this being that the wood appears to be more natural, ranging in colour from light brown to grey. New sleepers are available in a larger variety of sizes and are generally in better condition than original sleepers.


Hardwood sleepers

can weigh up to 50kg each due to their high density, ensuring a longer lifespan when in contact with soil. This makes them ideal for retaining walls and sturdy garden structures.

Softwood sleepers

are easy to handle, cut and drill. Its colour will eventually change to grey/silver overtime. Softwood sleepers are generally smaller and lighter for easy manoeuvring.

Landscaping with Railway Sleepers

There are many ways in which railway sleepers can be incorporated into your garden project. Here are just a few simple ideas to suit gardens of any shape or size:


Vegetable/Flower Beds:

These are incredibly simple for us to install and handy to keep your plants and delicate flowers off the ground to prevent them being trampled.

Garden Steps:

Depending on the wood, these can be easy for us to handle and install. Often, garden sleepers are simple to cut to size, making for a natural alternative to common concrete steps.


Railway sleepers provide a natural extension to any garden or patio. Being thicker than traditional decking, these durable sleepers will last a remarkably long time.

Raised Pond:

Although a little harder to install, the time and effort will be well worth the outcome. The added dimension to your garden will create a calm space for you to relax in, whilst also encouraging wildlife.



It’s considerably easier than creating a pathway with heavy, concrete slabs. Keep your garden looking more natural and less industrial by using our railway sleepers as a softer alternative.

We provide railway sleepers of excellent quality at great prices. Providing a popular permanent or semi-permanent landscaping solution for a variety of garden projects, our railways sleepers are ideal. For quality sleepers, fences, decking and a range of other products and services to help you with your garden overhaul, look no further than Barnard Fencing. We provide, install and maintain our products, priding ourselves on our meticulous precision and attention to detail. For a free, no obligation quote, contact a member of our friendly team today – we’re always happy to help. 


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