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How to Paint Your Garden Shed

Finally, the heavy, dull weather is starting to lift and lighter nights and warmer weather are in sight. With the worst of the wet weather behind us, now is the perfect time to spring clean your wooden structures in preparation for summer. Your garden shed, in particular, may need a bit of TLC to freshen up the appearance of your garden. To help you, the team here at Barnard Fencing have put together some tips on how to paint your garden shed to not only improve the aesthetics of your structure, but to protect the wood against damp and mould that can cause the material to weaken.


Firstly, check the weather forecast for the upcoming few days, you will need dry weather to ensure your paint dries!

Before you begin to paint your shed, you will need to prepare the surface. Remove any debris or fallen leaves, sand down any rough patches of wood, check the door and window seals are secure, and look for loose nails or damaged patches of wood that need to be dealt with. If your shed has already been sealed, you can use a jet washer to remove grime and dirt particles, but if your wood has yet to be treated, power washing will be unsuitable and could cause the wood to deteriorate or rot, so simply scrub the wood with a dry or slightly damp brush to clean the shed. The smoother and more even your surface is, the smoother your paint job will be.


Once your shed is prepared, apply a wood preserver to protect the wood from damp. If your shed is new, it may have already been treated, so check with your supplier beforehand. Otherwise, you should apply a preserver to your shed once a year to increase its longevity.

We’d recommend Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback for a wax-enriched water repellent and weather protection. You can purchase Cuprinol from our store for a very competitive price.


After your wood preserver has dried, you can apply a primer. This will provide a smooth base for the paint that will keep the colour bright and evenly applied, and it will close off any gaps that could allow insects to gain entry and damage the wood’s integrity.


Finally, it is time to paint the shed. Choose your desired paint or wood stain and apply in even, thin layers to build up the paintwork. Avoid thickly applying the paint as it is harder to control the texture and you can end up with an uneven consistency and drip marks.

If possible, apply the colour with a paint sprayer rather than a brush, as this guarantees a more even coverage and a professional looking finish – on top of this, spray painting is quicker and much less labour intensive, so will make the job much simpler! Spray about 10 inches away from the shed; it is advisable to wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling dangerous toxins.

Here at Barnard Fencing, we recommend using Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care to provide the utmost care for your structures. Cuprinol is a quick drying, high pigment paint that covers and protects your garden shed. You can purchase Cuprinol directly from us.


If your shed is old or damaged, a simple lick of paint may not be enough to bring your shed back to life. If this is the case, it may be time to purchase a replacement. As well as our high quality wooden fences, Barnard Fencing are proud suppliers of first rate garden sheds. We supply and install sheds across Nottingham, offering superior quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and diligent customer service to all of our customers. Our dedicated team of experts will be on hand every step of the way to offer advice on the best materials and size for your requirements, and our premium services and products will guarantee a shed with a long life expectancy. For more information on our range of garden and wooden sheds, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.


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