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Types of Fence Panels

If you’re looking for new fencing for your property, you’re probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of types on offer. While some are useful for security purposes, others fare better simply as decorative fencing. However, the problem is, just by looking at these fence panels, it’s not always easy to tell exactly how they operate. That’s why, this month, the Barnard Fencing team are on hand to go through the various types of fence panel in greater detail.

Lattice fencing

Lattice style fencing offers something that veers away from more traditional styles, and can look great in all kinds of rural and suburban settings. The criss-cross, half-round wooden pales are highly decorative, and act as a great companion for climbing plants.


Featherboard fencing panels are instantly recognisable by their overlapping structure and are one of the strongest fencing panels on the market. What’s more, given that there is no spacing between these panels, they make an excellent choice for those who value security and privacy over all else. For a more interesting look, featherboard fencing can come in both concave and convex finishes.


Otherwise known as picket fencing, palisade fencing is arguably the most iconic style of fencing, typified by its vertical panels and gaps. Given its modest, classic but still very attractive aesthetic, palisade fencing looks great in all kinds of gardens. However, it should be noted that palisade fencing does not offer the same security benefits as, say, featherboard fencing.


Certainly one of the most attractive varieties of fencing panel, Venetian fencing offers the perfect balance of good lighting and privacy. Featuring thin horizontal slats with small gaps in between, they provide a smooth and unique backdrop to your garden, while those small gaps in between the panels allow light to enter your garden without affording your neighbours too much of a view.


Woven fencing panels are a beautiful option for any garden thanks to the complex weaving of the panels, which offer both security and privacy. However, they do still offer some good light, too. When the sun shines onto woven fencing, you get a very interesting dappled light and shade effect onto your garden.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this variety of fencing is that it will look great on both sides, meaning that you can avoid any arguments with your neighbours, since you’ll both have a beautiful fence.


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