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Postsaver Sleeves

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Wood has been for centuries the material of choice for posts and poles set in the ground. Ground line rot and decay in the upper 150mm of the ground is the number one cause of fence & gate post and pole failure. This can lead to high replacement costs, inconvenience and potential danger of falling fencing.

Environmental concerns and tighter restrictions on traditional preservatives have led to timber that only lasts a few years. The answer to this age-old problem is now available in the form of POSTSAVER SLEEVES.

A postsaver sleeve is a heat shrinkable thermoplastic sleeve lined with meltable thermoplastic bituminous liner. Postsaver is heat applied to crete a long-lasting air and water tight seal on the ground line section of the post making conventional ground line decay impossible.

Postsaver sleeves are a patented low cost solution independently tested and proven in volume use since 1994. They offer a 20 year guarantee against post failure.

Customer Testimonials

For such a small premium Postsaver has paid dividends when used with garden fencing. They were no more trouble to install than a regular post and are going to save me the hassle and cost of replacement twice over. Martyn Rowley – Residential User ( Cheshire )

For people like us the volume fencing business, Postsaver is very attractive to our customers. It’s low maintenance , fit for purpose , robust and a sound investment in terms of the savings they will achieve over the guaranteed lifespan. Adrian Barry – Fencing Contractor ( Gloucestershire )

Postsaver is simply the best there is. I’ve got fencing around many acres that now won’t need replacing for 25 years. Just what I need to keep cattle in and my costs down. Ian Priday – Farmer ( Worcestershire )


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